Duck Creek races sold out

The July 3 Duck Creek Picnic Races are sold out.

Nyngan’s Duck Creek Picnic Race meeting is one of the more popular meetings on the NSW picnic calendar and the committee learned that much and more with the 5000 tickets allocated for their July 3 race day snapped up in the blink of an eye.

Tickets for the popular race day went on sale in the middle of May, and by early June, the club had to start turning people away.

It is easy to understand why the meeting is so popular, with the club annually hosting a terrific card of picnic racing, with the day offering race goers plenty of entertainment. 

Following this year’s meeting, Choirboys will play to a boisterous crowd, meaning a full day and night of entertainment. 

In an interview with NALAG late last year, Duck Creek Picnic Races President Rowen Cleaver explained just how big their club had grown to in recent years.

I’ve been president of the Duck Creek races for 14 years. It started as the Duck Creek Woolshed Dances, which was a fundraising exercise,” Cleaver said.

“Then that died a natural death and we started thinking about running a picnic race meeting. From humble beginnings, it’s grown to be absolutely huge.”

The Duck Creek Picnic Races really put Nyngan on the map according to Cleaver.

“It injects an enormous amount of money into the local economy – we source everything locally. The flow-on effect is great for the town,” Cleaver said.

“It puts Nyngan on the map. People from everywhere know where Nyngan is and that it’s a great little town.”

More importantly, the club annually gives back to local organisations, making the Duck Creek Picnic Races a truly community orientated event, which is supported by local council.

“But more than that, it’s invaluable for local organisations and charities, like the ICPA (Isolated Children’s Parents Association) for instance,” Cleaver said.

“There’s not a local community organisation that’s not able to be a part of the Duck Creek Races in some way and we really encourage that.

“I did it to start with because it was a great way to support the local rugby club, but it’s grown so much that it’s gone from the local council saying, ‘Okay, we guess you can do it’, to saying ‘Please don’t stop doing it!’ The Bogan Shire is fantastic in supporting the event.”

While some racegoers will be disappointed to have missed out on the chance to go to the races in 2021, readers can keep up to date with the club on their Facebook page leading into this year’s meeting and future meetings.