Gulargambone make ‘tough’ decision to abandon meeting

Gulargambone Jockey Club won’t be holding their 2021 race meeting. Photo: Racing Photography.

The Gulargambone Jockey Club won’t race for a second consecutive year with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing the committee to abandon their 2021 meeting that was scheduled for August 28. 

President Tom Gadsby admitted it was a difficult decision to make when considering the local community and racing participants. 

“It was tough,” Gadsby said. 

“We were probably 60/40 in favour of people who didn’t want it, but really, it came down to us not being a real financial club.

“With Covid and all the guidelines, If we got a huge fine from NSW Health or the Police, it might be the end of us and that is the last thig we want for the community.”

Gadsby said it had been a difficult period for Gulargambone in general, with the drought putting businesses under huge stress, before the Covid-19 pandemic shut everything down. 

“We are right in the middle of it; three years ago, we had trouble getting sponsors because there was just no money, and one of our local stock agents (Halcroft & Bennett); he put his hand up to cover the next three meetings,” Gadsby said. 

“Now obviously the season has broken, everyone wants to support us, and that is great, but we need to honour our previous supporter.”

Gadsby wanted to reiterate that the future looked bright for Gulargambone Jockey Club, with many businesses keen to get involved with the club when they do eventually return to racing in 2022.

“It’s been fantastic, we’ve had some local businesses offer to help out and Inland Petroleum have put their hand up to be our major sponsor after Halcroft & Bennett, plus everyone else we have asked to get involved have been fantastic and they want to help out,” Gadsby said. 

All is not lost for the Gulargambone Jockey Club, with the committee positive they will be able to hold some sort of event once the Covid-19 pandemic eases. 

“We were either thinking of holding a black-tie ball or tunes on the turf,” Gadsby said. 

“We just want to get the club together, get the racetrack tidy and have a music concert and get everyone involved. 

“There are three community groups that use the track, including the show society and camp draft, and we have a good group of people that work with those committees, so hopefully we can get something going.”

Although the Gulargambone meeting won’t go ahead in 2021, the committee wanted to thank those local businesses who had committed to the meeting, including Halcroft and Bennet, Inland Petroleum, Gilgandra Toyota, Threefold Garden Management, AJF Brien and Sons, AMPS Agribusiness LTD, Armatree Hotel, Reliance Bank, Lambell Family, Paul Job Insurances PTY ltd, Hull Contracting, Gilgandra Newspapers and Central West Machining and Engineering.