Jockeys enter the ring for charity

Aaron Sweeney and Jake Pracy-Holmes will enter the ring next month, raising money for injured track work rider, Beau Agland.

Good mates and NSW jockeys Jake Pracy-Holmes and Aaron Sweeney will jump into the ring next month, raising money for a good cause and putting to bed any questions of who is the better boxer. 

The amateur fight, which will be hosted by Insane Fitness at the Amaroo Hotel on July 23, will help raise funds for injured trackwork jockey, Beau Agland. 

Agland was involved in a serious trackwork accident earlier this year, and with a long road to recovery still ahead of him, good friend Pracy-Holmes said he felt like he had to do something to help. 

“I rode with him for years and years and years and he had a fall,” Pracy-Holmes said.

“He is a good friend and we go way back, and now there is a big chance he might not walk again, so this is an opportunity for us to help raise some money for him.”

As far as taking on Sweeney, Pracy-Holmes joked that there was some unfinished business from their days apprenticing with Brett Thompson 

“We’re good mates and we put the gloves on once before when we were apprentices with Brett Thompson,” Pracy-Holmes said. 

“I thought I had won, and he thought he won – we’ll know for sure soon.”

 Both jockeys are now training for the fight, and the 30-year-old hoop expects a good turnout for the event. 

“Everyone is that excited for this fight, it’s not funny,” Pracy-Holmes said. 

Sweeney jumped at the opportunity to get into the ring, with the Irishman having already trained as a boxer.

“I am a boxer anyways, I was training there last year, just before Covid hit, and I was due to have a fight just before it set in and that obviously got postponed,” Sweeney said. 

“I kind of stopped training there for a while. Then I was asked to jump into the ring for this fight night, and now we get to raise a bit of money for charity and for Beau, which is good.”

Sweeney also touched on their first fight, and he believed it would be a good chance to finally see who the better fighter was, although reiterating that there was absolutely no bad blood between the pair. 

“It was kind of a muck around, Brett had the gloves there, and we had been bickering and whatever, so we put the gloves on and we put a couple of rounds in 40-degree heat,” Sweeney laughed. 

“We are not going on with it and there is no bad blood or anything but may the best man win.”

Event organiser Lenny Bateup from Insane Fitness said it would be a good night for fight fans, with 10 events on the card, meaning a big crowd and a chance to raise funds for Agland. 

“On the night, we will get the MC to explain everything that has happened and through the night we will have a bucket of some sort go around and hopefully we can get some racing memorabilia to auction on the night,” Bateup said. 

“These boys, they will go for three by two-minute rounds and they will wear 12-ounce gloves and head gear – we have 10 fights booked, so it should be a big night.”

Racing and boxing fans can get behind the event by buying a ticket, or they can support Agland’s road to recovery by clicking here and donating