Norm Loy won’t be ‘bullied and harassed’ by Racing NSW stewards

Norm Loy
Norm Loy.

Norm Loy has again drawn the ire of Racing NSW stewards, with the outspoken Albury trainer suspended for two months and fined $5000 after being found guilty of three separate charges.

Racing NSW Stewards late last month conducted a hearing of charges issued against licensed trainer, Mr Norm Loy in respect to the following comments made by him that were published in both the Albury-Wodonga Border Mail and Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser on March 23, 2022. 

“I had to laugh because Racing NSW officials couldn’t beat me, they heard the appeal last week and then made their decision this week,” Loy told the Border Mail.

“Just so they could rule me out of the Albury Gold Cup carnival. It’s quite petty really. I’ll move forward but I had a bit of a laugh about it.

“In a nutshell they are saying ‘we couldn’t getcha but we gotcha anyway’.

“It’s a poor decision that I have to serve the other five days over my hometown carnival.” 

Loy pleaded not guilty to all charges but was found guilty of AR228(a) – Conduct prejudicial to the image, interests and integrity of racing; AR228(b)–Improper Conduct; and AR228(c) Improper or insulting behaviourat any time towards a PRA, or any official.

Interestingly, Loy’s comments to the Border Mail and subsequent charges related to the trainer having a three-month disqualification over a Facebook rant reduced to a two-month suspension on appeal.

Loy told NSW Country and Picnic Racing that he would not be appealing the decision, although he indicated he was considering legal action.

“I’m not appealing it but I’m not going to stand by and be bullied either,” Loy said. 

“I am looking at different avenues. I have to speak to the Aboriginal Legal Services in regard to me being bullied and harassed.”

Loy feels as though Racing NSW stewards have over-stepped with their most recent ruling against him.

“Like I said, I feel I have been bullied and harassed,” Loy said. 

“They think we have to bow down to them and say yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir; but we don’t.

“They need to remember; they wouldn’t have a job without us. They are there to adjudicate races, and make sure it is all run fairly but some of this other stuff is just ridiculous.”

Loy, who has been found guilty for conduct prejudicial to the image, interest and integrity of racing on three separate occasions, admitted that his opinions sometimes landed him in hot water, but he believes that his opinions, and those of other trainers, should be heard by Racing NSW and participants and not ignored.

“I will not be silenced by Racing NSW,” Loy said. 

“If I have ever been wrong, I have put my hand up and admitted it and I will cop it on the chin if I’m wrong, but I will fight it if I think I’m right. 

“I will always be forthright and honest with my opinions, and I will stand by my beliefs. 

“I am not a person that can be pushed around and be told what to do, especially when I am not doing or saying anything wrong.

“I wish we (country trainers) would just all get together and tell them that we have had enough of everything that is going on, but we don’t because a lot of people are scared that they will get in trouble if they say the wrong thing but that has to change.”

Loy’s trainers’ licence has since been suspended for a period of two months on each charge (to be served concurrently), having commenced on Tuesday May 31, 2022, and to expire on Sunday July 31, 2022. 

In addition, Mr Loy was fined the sum of $5000.