Record prizemoney to boost Snake Gully Cup carnival

A big crowd is expected to visit Gundagai Adelong Race Club for their annual Snake Gully Cup two-day carnival on November 11-12. Photo: Gundagai Adelong Race Club.

Gundagai Adelong Race Club believe their two-day Snake Gully Cup and Hair of the Dog Cup carnival is ‘country racing at its best’ and the club will get a chance to prove that on November 11-12. 

The always-popular country meeting will boast record prizemoney in 2022, with $584,000 offered across the two days, including $100,000 for the time-honoured Snake Gully Cup, $50,000 for the Snaky Gully Flying Sprint, $50,000 for the Country Magic Benchmark 58 Handicap, and $34,000 for the Hair of the Dog Cup. 

The Snake Gully Cup will also feature as a qualifier for the 2023 $2 million Big Dance and $500,000 Little Dance, meaning better horses, top-line jockeys, and a bumper crowd. 

Following what has been a difficult period for country clubs during the pandemic, NSW country racing is flourishing at this very minute, with crowds flocking to country racetracks in their thousands.

While the two-day carnival is still some two months away, Gundagai Adelong Race Club president Mick Crowe said he and his committee wanted to get on the ‘front foot’ and have already started selling tickets for the two-day carnival.

“We are seeing such good numbers at other carnivals around NSW at the moment, and we have been fielding an enormous numbers of calls wanting info on what tickets will be available for the Snake Gully Cup, so we wanted to get on the front foot,” Crowe said. 

“We want to give people some assurance that they are going to be able to make it to the cup and if they want to book in, they can organise travel and accommodation commitments earlier and just have that peace of mind.”

While Gundagai host a myriad of marquees across the two-day carnival, with tickets generally a hot commodity, Crowe said his focus in 2022 was on the general punter and racegoer and making their race-day experience the best it can be. 

“Each year, we want to make it better, but this year, we really want to make that experience of the general punter even better, and we want their experience to be the best it can be,” Crowe said. 

“The people buying marquee tickets are always having a great time, but we want to offer a ticket for $25 that will allow plenty of space, seating, and shade along with good bar and food service.

“We just want to offer a good race day to everyone and that is why we will have more umbrellas, tables and good eating facilities than ever and we will be ready for one of our biggest ever crowds.”

Crowe said the expected crowd would be great for the race club, but even better for Gundagai and surrounding communities, which benefit from the subsequent economic influx.

“The carnival will consist of $584,000 in prizemoney across the two days, and this will bring top-grade horse out of both the Sydney and Victorian metropolitan areas, and I’m expecting to have a lot of very good runners from all three states and a lot of people travelling to both meetings,” Crowe said. 

“It’s a huge boost for the community leading into two big days. 

From the golf club to the pubs, clubs, and accommodation providers; it benefits everyone, and it brings so much money into the town.”

Tickets for both days are available online and readers are encouraged to visit for more information.

First seen in the Gundagai Independent