Rising mercury to test Racing NSW

A hot week is forecasted to get hotter, and Racing NSW stewards are set to be tested, with 13 meetings scheduled to be hosted between Friday and Monday.

Last Friday, the meeting scheduled for Scone was moved to Gosford, and the Parkes meeting was abandoned the following day. 

Additionally, the Level 2 Hot Weather Policy was enforced at Royal Randwick on Saturday, and the Level 1 Hot Weather Policy was implemented at Gosford on Friday, Albury on Saturday, and Tamworth on Tuesday.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the mercury is tipped to go close to 40°C at the back end of this week, with Warren forecast to reach 38°C and Murwillumbah has been locked in for 35°C on Friday. 

Moree is forecast to reach 38°C on Saturday, the same forecast for Coonamble on Sunday, and Bathurst is set to reach 35°C on Monday.

According to the Racing NSW ‘Racing in Hot Weather Policy’, if these racetracks reach these forecast temperatures, measures could be implemented to reduce the risk of heat stress to both horses and riders. 

According to the Hot Weather Policy, the Level 1 Policy will apply on all race days where the forecast or current ambient temperature is 35°C or above or the WBGT shade is 26°C or above. 

The Level 2 Policy will be implemented in the event that the forecast or current ambient temperature for a race day is 38°C or above or the WBGT shade is 28°C or above.

There are a variety of measures that are put in place when both the Level 1 and 2 policies are applied. Click here for more details. 

It should be noted that signs of heat stress include but are not limited to:

  • Rapid shallow breathing (panting) 
  • Flared nostrils
  • Staggering gait/weakness.
  • Agitated and distressed appearance.
  • Irrational behaviour, such as lashing out with hind limbs.
  • Occasionally collapse.