Wean races cancelled: Confusion over why Racing NSW accepted nominations for cancelled meeting

The popular Wean Amateur Picnic Race Club meeting will not go ahead in 2020 despite Racing NSW taking nominations. Photo: Namoi Valley Independent.

Racing NSW has been left a little red-faced this week, after accepting 36 nominations for a meeting that has been cancelled for some time. 

The annual Wean Amateur Picnic Race Club meeting that was scheduled for Saturday, was cancelled way back on June 1.

Despite the club and regional stewards making the governing body aware of this, Racing NSW still had nominations open; which were subsequently released earlier today.

Wean Amateur Picnic Race Club president, Les Alker apologised for the inconvenience to participants and didn’t want to lay blame on any one person for the mistake. 

“We want to apologise for all of the confusion, and declare that the races are definitely off and will be held again next year due to Covid-19,” Alker said. 

“There was obviously a stuff up, but we don’t want anyone blamed and we can all just move on and focus on next year.”

The 2020 meeting had originally been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions and issues surrounding public transport to the meeting.

“The majority of our crowd arrive by public transport; we had 17 buses last year,” Alker said. 

“Under the restrictions put on by the state government, we could not see how we could have a crowd under those circumstances.”

The Wean Amateur Picnic Race Club will now focus their attention on the 2021 race season in the hope that restrictions continue to ease.